SPEEDYSuite integrates Casting, Production and Asset Management into a single, Cloud-based solution for content localization. SPEEDYCast, SPEEDYDubb and SPEEDY ASSET MANAGER are designed for companies that seek to manage global suppliers, automate and optimize the digital supply chain, increase capacity, accelerate delivery dates, reduce mistakes and improve communications.


The SPEEDY Assets Manager (SAM) is a secure repository for work-in-progress and final project assets. SAM features a robust search capability, shared folders, secure preview, rapid download and upload of files up to 1TB in size and a clean, inuitive interface. SAM is tightly integrated with SPEEDYDubb so required assets travel with Project Tasks.


Gain greater control and predictability over your language localization projects. Increased visibility, language assets and collaborative workflow reduces unproductive communication and significantly improves control over the process.


Take charge of your character voice casting workflow. Improve process visibility and access to assets across internal divisions and external stakeholders. Reduce unproductive communication and significantly improve control over creative collaboration. SPEEDYCast seamlessly integrates with SPEEDYDubb for end-to-end localization project management.